Thursday, April 29, 2010

Apology for being away for so long! Whats goin on you may wonder??

I am sorry I have not written on here in a long while. I have been so very busy with some big things in my life. I have been looking for an agent for the book and it has proved to be a difficult trek. I hope to find another one to queue shortly. I am also adding and updating pages for the website what feels like every day. Although the tags don’t look like it, it takes many days to make those pages, so I do hope you find them handy. I have always thought that my book was unique and that it could help all different kinds of people. It could open eye to an artistic way of looking at a cancer diagnosis and you could read about how staying realistically positive saved my life. However, I guess lots of people write books about cancer and they aren’t exactly best sellers so there is a lot of trepidation to pick up a cancer book, let alone a cancer art book with 89 pages of photos murals! So, I have been working on those two aspects, plus today was my last day, save final day, of my Japanese class I had been sitting in on for a refresher. It is so nice to hear and be forced to speak Japanese again. I truly love that language. I am also planning a cross country move to Seattle (more than likely) and have been struggling to figure out ways to make money, so I decided to sell a majority of my stuff on a Facebook Group here:¬e_id=389792114591#!/group.php?gid=116470708364543&ref=ts and I am selling a cool fundraiser for anyone who is in the hospital a lot of travels a lot these little Chemo Pets (custom made and hand sewn!!): . I am also putting together a HUGE Yound Adult Cancer Awareness Benefit Concert/Silent Auction/raffle where part of the money will go to my 4 favorite groups! It is very daunting though and I find myself spending lots of time on research for it as well! It is going to be hard and going to take a lot of time but with 4 colleges in this area it is so very important that I get some information out to people. So, please forgive me for never writing! :-P I will try and be better but I am trying to keep all the pieces in my life from spiraling out of control! I am almost there, the strings are slowly breaking and I have to struggle to keep them together. If you want to help with my fundraising please click the links above and keep an eye out for the benefit news, I would love if you would spread it out everywhere!! Love Love Jettychan